ARCIL (Portugal)

ARCIL is a not for profit organization working in the fields of Disability, Rehabilitation and Inclusion since 1976. From Early Intervention to Labour Market Integration, the focus of ARCIL is to promote social inclusion and Quality of Life of individuals with disability and/or restrictions to participation throughout their lifespan. With different projects and social interventions, ARCIL develops diverse activities, namely:

- working in partnership with families to promote children's development and wellbeing;
- working with teachers, learning assistants and parents, within mainstream schools, to enhance Inclusive Education;
- implementing specialized vocational training to qualify individuals with disability for the open labour market;
- activating social businesses to generate protected employment for persons with disability;
- developing best practices in partnership with enterprises to generate employment for individuals with disability in the open labour market;
- providing home support and residential care for children and adults with disability and/or impairment;
- organizing social, leisure and cultural activities following principles of good access and universal design.

Internationally, ARCIL cooperates in development and European projects and is one of the founding members of EASPD. ARCIL operates with quality assurance from EQUASS.